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Block paving, also known as brick paving, entails the use of blocks or bricks to create a pattern for a driveway. These blocks or bricks are then held in place with the sub-base and sand. Know that the installation process for the block paving is straightforward and relatively easy.

The bricks can be used to create drives, footpaths, patios and other features.

Some excavation and preparation works will also need to be performed before installing the bricks or blocks. Once done, the bricks will be laid in the chosen pattern before being sealed into place. Given the simple equipment and cheaper materials required, block paving is one of the simple forms of driveway to install.

There are many different types of bricks but in general terms they fall into two categories, standard bricks which are all the same size and laid in a herring bone pattern as in the picture below, or tumbled / cobbled bricks which come in three different sizes and can be seen in the picture above.

At Propave Sufacing, we work to the British Standard for this type of construction and the specification can be seen below.

  • Dig out the old driveway to 9″-10″ where needed.
  • Stone up drive area with MOT Limestone 5″-6″.
  • Roll in with heavy roller.
  • Apply 2″ sharp sand and level.
  • Block pave choice of bricks and colours.
  • Fiill joints with dry kiln sand and wacker in.