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Our traditional gravel range gives you a gravel driveway with a rustic, country feel that complements your home.

You can’t beat the crunch of gravel underfoot, and the sound it makes as you drive onto it. It’s naturally permeable and very economical, it’s the classic choice.

Gravel is available in many different colours and sizes so it’s easy to make the right choice to compliment your home. We can use gravel to match the stonework of your home and enhance its look.

A gravel driveway or path brings additional security because you can hear when someone walks over it.
In most cases we can install a gravel driveway in one day.

At Propave Surfacing, we work to the British Standard for gravel driveways which can be seen below.

  • Dig out the old driveways to 8″-10″ where needed.
  • Stone up drive area with MOT Limestone 5″-6″.
  • Roll in with heavy roller.
  • install 2″-3″ gravel choice of colour and size.